Beaver Creek, MD (2-12-17)

February weekends in DC have historically consisted of bundling up and only  venturing outdoors to test the local water for some pond hockey. This has certainly not been the case in 2017 though. Last weekend it was warm enough for golf on Saturday and a trip to Beaver Creek on Sunday.

Heavy morning rains became the only weather related challenge. I am a true weekend warrior fisherman so I’ve learned to appreciate rain. It can be a blessing in disguise that wards off other anglers.I parked near the Beaver Creek church and trekked my way downstream beyond the large farm.

The water was low and clear despite the dreariness, so I avoided streamers. I have had considerable success on size 20-22 red zebra midges here so I tied it on with a BWO nymph. I thoroughly fished all of the pools and deeper runs on the lower stretch and was rewarded with one quality Brown Trout on the zebra midge. (see below)


Beaver Creek is a beautiful limestone steam that boasts nice quantities of wild fish. It’s a narrow spring creek, but I’ve seen some absolute pigs swimming around. I love Beaver, but it is not an easy stream to catch fish. Casting angles are tough to come by and the trout are intelligent and spooky when the water is low. I only netted one fish on this trip, but it was very much worth the drive!


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