South River, VA (1-20-17)

Happy belated New Year everyone.

Inauguration Day shut down my office, so my girlfriend and I took a long weekend trip to see her parents down I-81 in the Shenandoah valley. Luckily for me, this means I get to sneak out to do some fishing on the South River in Waynesboro. When I fished on the this river over Thanksgiving Break, I had an absolute pig break off my 5X leader during a lengthy fight. After thinking about losing that fish for two months, I was back and ready for revenge.

The river was running low and clear despite steady rain in the morning. I nymphed all day since there was little to no rising or visible activity. I used a fluffy yarn indicator for a more delicate presentation and tied on a size 18 BWO nymph and a size 16 caddis nymph.

Within 20 minutes of getting out there, I hooked up with a nice fish that ripped down the current and started taking drag. Could it be? Did the fishing gods bless me with another shot at a monster Brown? Not quite, but I did start the day off by landing a beautiful dark 16 inch Rainbow (see below).

I continued fishing up and down the South River, but only managed to hook up with two more small Browns. It’s a great little stretch of water, but it does experience significant pressure. Despite fishing on a Friday, I encountered 8 or 9 other anglers throughout the 2/3 mile stretch near the Invista plant. If you’re fishing the South River try to get out there early or fish on weekdays. Oh well, it was an awesome trip anyways!



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