Accotink Creek, VA (10-29-16)

I noticed that Accotink had been recently stocked on the VDGIF website so I decided to go get some urban fishing in. Accotink is generally  a last resort for me since it’s a residential stocked creek that doesn’t seem to hold any fish over the Summer months. It was quite the change of pace from my trip to Colorado last week with wild fish everywhere, but it got the job done.

I parked at Americana Park and worked my way down, stopping at the biggest pools. There hasn’t been much rain in the DC metro area recently so there was little flow to the creek. When the water is this low, the stocked fish just get trapped in the pool they are put in. I fished for a couple of hours, got 5 takes, but only landed two fish. I was using a size 10 olive streamer, which seemed a little too big for the small Rainbows the VDGIF put in the creek this time around.

The highlight of the day was landing a very chubby 13 inch Rainbow with some great color. Even though it was a stocked fish, this beauty had a lot of color and it made the quick trip worth it.



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