South Platte River, Deckers CO (10-21-16)

My recent trip to Denver reaffirmed Colorado’s reputation as a fly fisherman’s paradise. Truth be told, I was not into fly fishing until I fished in the Rockies last July for my first time. That day, I built a true appreciation for the sport and I have been hooked ever since. I revisited the same exact stretches of the South Platte River this year that I did in 2015, but was equipped with a lot more experience and a little more casting ability.

It was just 29 degrees when we met our guide in Deckers around 8:30, but temperatures were in the high 60s by the afternoon. We were able to experience some quality sight fishing due to the lack of rain and clear flows. There was little bug activity with the freezing temperatures, so we started by nymphing with small midges and eggs. Me and my buddy sight fished in the first pool and landed the two 16 inch Cutbows pictured below. Patience paid off for these stubborn fish.

Some Blue Winged Olives began to hatch and fish were clearly rising as the temperature rose. I tied on a dry-dropper rig with a BWO and midge and was rewarded with some immediate returns. The first was a beautiful 18 inch Brown Trout on the dropper and the second was another nice Cutbow that took the dry fly. This was an incredible surprise as I wasn’t expecting to have any success with dries here in late October.


After lunch and a few adult beverages, it was back to nymphing in a lower stretch of the river. The success continued as we finished the day with a total of 9 fish – 3 Browns and 6 Cutbows. I strongly recommend giving Trout’s Fly shop a call to set up a guided trip if you are ever in the Denver area. I’ve done all kinds of fishing in my life from off-shore yellowfin tuna to carp fishing with beef jerky in South Carolina, but only a few trips, if any, compare to the experiences I’ve had on the South Platte River in Deckers, CO.



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