Big Hunting Creek, MD (10-8-16)

There was uncertainty driving to the stream this morning. I had never fished Big Hunting in the Fall and the water below the dam becomes very low by the end of Summer. I also knew it would hold less fish since a stocking hasn’t occurred for several months, but I was up for the challenge. Steady rain was in the forecast, so I was hopeful the creek returning to normal flows would bode well for fishing.

The rain was coming down all morning, so I started by throwing a double nymph rig with an indicator. The first couple of hours on the steam was quite slow and I feared that my initial worries were valid. I began experimenting with some smaller flies and my luck quickly turned around. The size 18 green caddis nymph began to fool some fish almost immediately. I caught two nice 13 inch Rainbows in large pools and then a small Brown in pocket water.

As I fished the way back to my vehicle, I noticed I was getting a ton of looks and aggressive strikes on my strike indicator. Yes… the strike indicator. Given the time of year, lack of bug activity, and steady rain, I was surprised to see this behavior. Regardless, I threw on an elk hair caddis dry fly and landed the best fish of the day – a 15 inch Brown Trout. I caught it in a deep plunge at the head of a pool so it put up quite the fight. I was fired up when I finally landed it (pictures below).

To summarize-  it was an awesome day on Big Hunting. The rain scared off other anglers and the fish were cooperating pretty well considering the conditions. This was a great tune-up trip before I go to Denver in two weeks….



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