Occoquan Reservoir, VA (9-4-16)

I was excited to take the Jon boat out  after some brief anxiety about Tropical Storm Hermine potentially putting an end to my fishing plans this weekend. The conditions were great with the exception of some occasional winds. The Reservoir was down a little, but nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year.

We started with topwater and hooked up with a nice 2 lb. Largemouth on a popper right at the edge of a weed bed. After that, my buddy and I pounded the banks pretty hard with soft plastics on the Woodbridge side from the Sandy Run area all the way down to the dam. There’s quite a bit of downed trees in the Reservoir so you have to accept the fact that you may get a few snags as you fish throughout. I started pulling up on what I thought was a snag and it turned out to be what looked like a 6-7 lb. bass that got off.I did not execute a proper hook set thinking I had just snagged another log, but caught a glimpse right before it got free at the surface. Rookie mistake.

After the excitement and anguish of losing the fish of the Summer, I did land a nice 2.5 lb. largemouth. It was a little skinny and had the body to be a much bigger fish, but it certainly made the trip well worth it.  Overall, we fished for 4-5 hours and left with 7-8 landed in the boat. Pretty solid trip, but I’ve certainly done better on the ‘rez.



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