Duck, NC (8-12-16)

 Every year my family and I take our annual beach trip to Duck, located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Fishing is compulsory with this trip along with karaoke, fish tacos, and Duck Donuts.
Surf fishing at night yielded the usual spot, croakers, and mullet this year, but the real excitement came from the kayak we rented. We saw big schools of blue fish crashing on baitfish and a lot of bird activity throughout the week. Fishing in the surf reminds me of trout fishing in streams because you really need to pay attention to the activity around you. Questions around tide, birds, sandbars, water clarity, among others, come into play as you strategize and try to read the water.
If you’ve never tried surf fishing, the first step is paying a visit to your local tackle shop. There is a nice little place in Duck called Bob’s Bait and Tackle , that employs some great people who are not shy to lend advice and tips for your fishing endeavors. We used Got-Cha Plugs and Spoons from the kayak to target Bluefish and bloodworms to lure in the bottom feeders on the beach. After getting tossed by a few waves in the kayak, we eventually figured it out and caught dozens of blue fish throughout the week. The bite turned on and off like a light switch depending on if the fish were in the surf and actively eating or not. We were not lucky enough to encounter any Spanish Mackerel, but we’ll get ’em next time.
Check out a video of my nephew and I slaying bluefish in the ‘yak below –



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