Charleston, SC (6-25-16)

Despite being a DC area fishing blog, I still find it necessary to chronicle my trips throughout country. Everyone needs a vacation.

I fished a half day trip with Capt. Jamie Hough from Flat Spot Charters to target some big Charleston Red Drum. Jamie informed us that his morning trip was extremely slow due to less than ideal winds, hot weather, and murky water. Red Fishing in Charleston is good year round, but seems to be at its best in the Fall and early Winter months when the water is clear and the fish are more active. Given this information, it was going to be very difficult to target Reds with artificials or a fly rod, so we netted some baitfish and hooked up some crab to lure them in.

We found a big school of Redfish getting crashed on by dolphin and set up shop in a 1-4 foot deep bay in Sullivan’s island. The fish seemed a little timid as it was sometimes difficult to get a great hook set on the tentative strikes. After hooking and losing 2-3 fish, my buddy finally landed the 33 inch pig pictured below. As a first time red fishermen, I can confirm that these beasts run like crazy and fight awfully hard.

As the tide went down, we had to move out of the bay to fish some new water. We settled on a spot on our way back to the Shem’s Creek boat launch and fishing slowed. As we were just about to pack up for the day, I hooked into the nice 30 inch Red pictured below.


Jamie was a very informative and experienced guide. His knowledge of fishing throughout Charleston was impressive and we learned a lot throughout the trip. It’s also worth noting that his boiled peanuts were absolutely on point.

It was my first time really targeting Red Fish. I totally understand now what the hype is all about and I can’t wait to try it again in the Fall/early Winter when the fishing is even better!


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