Occoquan Reservoir, VA (6-4-16)

I decided to take the old Jon Boat out for some largemouth fishing on the Occoquan Reservoir last weekend. Heavy rains from previous weeks had the water high and dirty so we fished near the dam at the end of Lake Ridge where the water generally stays most clear. The dam must act as a vacuum when the rain hits because when the entire reservoir is chocolate milk, the water near the dam will stay most clear.

Since the weatherman was calling for thunderstorms in the afternoon, we got up early and fished from 6:00-12:00. In the first hour, @jhugh_13 and I caught 6 bass. The rest of the day we only caught two more with an accidentally caught monster Channel Catfish mixed in. Early in the morning, we got some good action on top water and with Senkos. Say what you want about using weightless Senkos, but it’s a strategy that consistently lands fish on the Reservoir.

Ended the day with 8 bass, a few that got off, and the big catfish you see below. The nicest bass I caught was huddled up in the vegetation and gave me a bit of a run for my money ripping through weeds on 10 lb. test. The Reservoir fishes differently now than it did when I was growing up, but it’s still a very productive largemouth fishery that’s extremely accessible for fishermen throughout Northern VA.  Just avoid Sundays when they’re having their tournaments!


Big ole’ Channel Cat


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