Shenandoah River, VA (5-27-16)

Took the day off on Friday to take a float trip on the Shenandoah River. I had never fished the river at such high flows (2.5 feet on the Front Royal gauge) and it changed my approach quite a bite. The water was a little muddy, but the fish were still cooperating.

My buddy and I ended the day with 12-15 smallmouth each and a nice big fat bluegill mixed in. Since the water was higher than normal, we were unable to pull over and wade. Saw several snakes around brush piles resulting from high waters, which made me want to stay in the canoe even more. We both used little bomber crank baits in bright colors the entire day so we could cover a lot of water. We caught most of our fish in the slower moving pockets within fast moving riffles.

Did not land any monsters this time around, but caught several fish around the size of the one posted below. Despite the less than stellar biologist reports regarding the South Fork of the Shenandoah, we’ve been able to catch bigger fish more consistently than any of the last four years of fishing this river. Lures used include bright bomber crank baits on the spinning rod and woolly buggers on the fly rod.



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