Big Hunting Creek, MD (5-21-16)

The heavy rains throughout the DMV area did not hold me back from making the trek to Big Hunting on Saturday. I called the weatherman’s bluff and was initially rewarded with plenty of water to fish all for myself. Eventually, several other anglers showed up and the creek got a little crowded, but I ended the day with a nice mix of rainbows and browns.

Now that I have been to Big Hunting three times, I’ve noticed that fish will constantly go after my flies, but in a very hesitant and tentative manner. I received bites and even hooked into a few real big rainbows for this small mountain stream, but often whiffed on the hook set or the fish got off the hook immediately.  I don’t find this stream to be especially difficult, but the fish can be very challenging to land and execute a nice hook set with.

Take a moment to watch a video capturing this most recent trip below. Please forgive me while I continue to perfect my camera skills…


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