Rapidan River – SNP (4-10-16)

Location: Rapidan River, VA
Result: 1 Brook Trout
Set-up: Fly Rod
Lures: Streamers, Mr. Rapidan Dry Fly

The cold nights and mornings have seemed to slow the fishing down. I started throwing a double nymph set-up, but was not getting any looks. I then regrouped and swung a streamer through a deep pool. On several casts, I had Brookies flashing and going for the fly, but not hooking up. Eventually I was able to hook up with a nice sized Shenandoah National Park Brookie (picture below). I noticed fish rising a little bit so I put on a dry fly. I got several very small Brookie’s to bite or break the surface, but ultimately never landed one on the dry.

Overall, it was a slow, chilly, but beautiful day to be in the mountain streams. It was also fairly crowded on the ‘Dan and I have a feeling the pools I fished had been thoroughly scoured throughout the day by fellow fishermen. Either way, I had a great time!



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