South River (3/26/16)

  • Location: South River – Waynesboro, VA
  • Result: Several fall fish, one lost brown, and one rainbow
  • Set-Up: Fly Rod
  • Lures: Nymph with dropper worm fly

My girlfriend’s parents live in Augusta county, VA, so we make relatively frequent trips down to that part of the state. Lucky for me, Augusta county is surrounded by some pretty compelling fishing options and I can duck out to explore when the boss allows me to. When we visited for Easter weekend, I was able to do some fly fishing with her Dad in the South River in Waynesboro, VA.

The day started out with some excitement. On my first cast, I hooked into a fall fish. When taking the fish off the hook, I was aggressively attacked by a nesting goose. After some light jousting, the geese allowed us to go about our business.

We fished a 1/2 mile long stretch of the river having modest success in the deeper runs and pools by the bridges in downtown Waynesboro. We both hooked into two very nice fish that managed to find their way off of the hook. I had what I believe was a massive brown trout on that took line immediately when it was hooked. A few casts after losing what might have been the biggest trout I’ve ever hooked up with, I was able to land a nice 14-15 inch Rainbow in a deep pool below a submerged rock ledge.

Despite a rough past of chemical pollution, the South River yields some high quality hold over trout and I thoroughly enjoyed my brief trip there. I didn’t do it this particular trip, but I definitely recommend stopping by the South River fly shop in downtown Waynesboro for some advice on how to fish the South. A good group of guys run that shop.

Picture of the Rainbow I landed here –





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