Rapidan River – SNP (3-6-16)

Location: Rapidan River, VA
Result: 5+ Brook Trout
Set-up: Fly Rod
Lures: Nymphs

I decided to fish the Rapidan for the first time in my life. I knew this trip was long overdue and I also thought it would be a great place to take my Dad who is totally new to fly fishing. Taking the dirt road up the Graves Mill stretch was fun in itself and my 2WD drive Mazda Tribute took a bit of a beat down. I was shocked when I hopped out of the vehicle to see the natural beauty of the Rapidan and SNP. I had read and heard great things about SNP, but it was something that needed to be experienced for proper appreciation.

While a good amount of my time was spent coaching and tying knots, we both were able to land 3-4 little Brookies. I saw quite a few hatches and fish rising, but did not have luck on the dry fly. We encountered 3-4 other pairings and groups of fly fishermen who were all having modest success. A trip back to SNP soon is definitely in my near future and I am excited to explore more territory then.

A picture of the nicest Brookie I caught is below –

Displaying IMG_1363.JPGBrook Trout



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