Beaver Creek, MD (1-31-16)

  • Location: Beaver Creek, MD
  • Result: 1 Rainbow Trout
  • Set-up: Fly Rod
  • Lures: Streamer

I fished Beaver Creek today since the water temperatures there remain warm enough for fishing into the Winter months. Unfortunately, I was not the only person who had this idea. Several cars filled the parking lot and I had never encountered that many fishermen in all of my trips to Beaver. The bottom half of the Creek was busy, so I spent my time fishing the top half behind the shop up to the highway.

The snow melt from the blizzard made the water a little stained, especially in areas with moving water off of falls. I tied on a streamer hoping that the trout would have their guard down due to the muddied water. I was happy to catch a nice 14-15 inch Rainbow Trout and saw some other nice fish cruising the shallow areas. I had to cut my trip short since the creek was so crowded. I then drove down to explore and briefly fish Big Hunting Creek for the first time, but no luck there.

A video of the Rainbow I landed can be found below –


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