Potomac River Report (1-2-16)

  • Location: 4 Mile Run
  • Result: 1 landed, 1 lost
  • Set-up: Spinning Rod
  • Lures: Texas Rigged Plastic Worm

I fished both sides of 4 Mile Run, but did not venture down to the warm water discharge at the sanitation plant. The day got started off with a startle as I came across a sizable water snake right off of the concrete path on the Glebe Rd side. I guess the unseasonably warm weather (45-50 degrees) brought the beast out.

I caught one 13 inch – 1 lb. bass on some downed wood working my t-rigged worm nice and slow. I then worked my way down towards the airport fishing all the bridge pylons with no success. My guess is that the fish move out of the heavy shade when the water cools down at 4MR. Ended my day losing a very nice fish at one of the small creek openings near the airport. Video of the lost bass below –

It was surprising to see so many fly-fishermen wading through 4Mr, but they seemed to be experiencing some success as well.



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